October 2021 - October 2024


Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Artificial Intelligence Platform for Autonomous and Embedded Systems

Support Program: 1509 - TÜBİTAK International Industry R & D Projects Support Program

Today, Autonomous and Mobile applications do not work with the desired performance due to power limitation, and therefore business models with high income potential are prevented. Increasing functional complexity with artificial intelligence; It increases the processor load and power requirement of embedded systems and makes them comparable to the power needed for propulsion systems. Within the scope of the proposed project, it is aimed to develop a scalable software platform for general use that uses energy efficient artificial intelligence algorithms called EFICAS. Artificial intelligence algorithms will be developed using multi-core heterogeneous computing technologies. EFICAS will support localized and distributed computing systems and any off-the-shelf solutions, including uploading to the cloud. With the EFICAS platform, studies will be carried out on resource planning (resource allocation at runtime) and optimized task planning and consistent hybrid operation (hybrid coherent operation). With EFICAS, it is aimed to significantly increase the energy efficiency of artificial intelligence in the fields of mobile and autonomous robots, telecommunications and industrial automation. The EFICAS project consortium will be carried out with 21 innovative and expert institutions from 4 different countries.

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