February 2015 - February 2017



Support Program: KOSGEB, R&D, Innovation and Industrial Applications Support Program

The aim of the project is to design a mobile robot platform in international standards that can be used for research and education purposes for smart vehicles / platforms. Different hardware and software architectures are used in studies on smart vehicles. High level control, low level control, sensing modules etc. in platforms operating both in outdoor and indoor environments. common basic structures are implemented with ready-made computers, data collection systems and various software. Among these units, the upper-level control unit usually includes job description, making the necessary plans for the given job, triggering basic behaviors, etc. While performing sub-tasks, the low-level control unit performs a task related to vehicle dynamics, such as following a given trajectory. It is aimed that the platform to be developed will have basic sensors (ultrasonic, laser distance meter, camera, etc.) that can be used in research and training in this field, and have the necessary electronic equipment for low level and high level control. In addition, it is aimed to be ROS compatible, which is accepted by international standards in the field of robotics. The experiments and guides to be developed within the scope of the project are also aimed to teach some basic concepts in mobile robots at skill level. In addition, aiming to use the developed platform with remote access for educational / research purposes will create an important innovation. This is also important in terms of providing the opportunity to practice in classes with increasing student numbers. The system to be developed is aimed to be cost-effective compared to its foreign counterparts in terms of its features and to be the basic platform for mobile robots that can be used in daily life.

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