November 2021 - Agustos 2023


Application Platform with Multi-Functional Methods for Production Systems

Support Program: 1509 - TÜBİTAK International Industry R & D Projects Support Program

Production companies try to present their products to the customers in the best way by making various investments according to the characteristics of the sector and the size of the company. While making this effort, maximum investment is tried to be made by considering the highest production numbers in the future projection in general. While these investments continue with new projects and products, companies start to have difficulties in growing despite the good situation in the market. Independent and intensively mechanized investments bring with them two main problems. Areas within the factory begin to become insufficient, and new systems for each project bring high investment costs. Machine-automation investments, which are generally made according to the highest production capacity, significantly reduce the use of the product in the initial and final stages. The aim of the Muwo project is to produce solutions for the above-mentioned problems and to provide improvements.It aims to develop a multi-method workspace that allows workstations in the production area to quickly switch between manual and automated production. Intelligent hardware interfaces of new tools and hardware elements to be integrated into existing production systems will be developed. In order to integrate it into existing processes, first of all, the process unifying software that will use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that create the optimal configuration that provides better use will be integrated with the planning, decision support tool and simulation tools to be developed.

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