March 2014 - December 2016



Support Program: 1511 - TÜBİTAK Priority Areas Research Technology Development and Innovation Projects Support Program

Positioning in confined spaces is a problem that awaits a solution in many sectors, where a consensus solution cannot be put forward. In the project, a radio frequency based positioning system (RFKON) will be developed for indoor environments.

The RFKON system will have software and hardware components that will provide solutions for different user groups. Considering the widespread use of mobile devices, a mobile device software (GezKon) that uses rf technologies in mobile devices will be developed for the location and navigation of people in indoor environments. If necessary, the use of additional sensitivity-enhancing signals will also be evaluated. An embedded system (HasKon) that also uses passive positioning sensor data will be developed for the positioning of mobile equipment (robot, AMR, etc.) that need precise location. Within the scope of the RFKON system, wifi, bluetooth, etc. integration of data obtained from different signals (data fusion), classification and so on. Position calculation with algorithms, learning environment characteristics with smart algorithms, calibration and so on. studies are planned.

Since its establishment, our company has successfully completed different R&D projects supported by Teydeb on positioning with supersonic signals in indoor environments and increasing the sensitivity of satellite-based positioning in open environments. With this project, the medium-term target of positioning with radio waves in the strategic plan determined in the establishment of our company will be realized.

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