December 2018 - December 2020



Support Program: European Union Framework Program

There are not many studies in the ROS industrial context for prognostic and health management. However, in the ROS industry, health estimation, remaining useful life calculation, anticipating an error before it occurs are necessary to make decisions for these autonomous tasks and future tasks for robots.

This FTP proposes the development of an infrastructure for robot prognostic and health management tool using model-based methodology such as Prognostic and Health Management for ROS. This tool can measure robots health, RUL, task completion probability (PoTC) etc. It will be responsible for managing / supervising. The user can enter the required equation and component information (hazard ratios, robot configuration, etc.) into the PHM tool. Other sensory data such as temperature, humidity, pressure, load. In addition, a PHM package for Mobile Robots will be developed using this tool. In summary, this FTP has 2 main objectives: 'Development of general Prognostic and Health Management tool for ROS' and 'Development of PHM package for Mobile Robots'.

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