July 2021 - July 2024



Support Program: 1501 - TUBITAK Industry R&D Projects Support Program

The WINS project is directly related to Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Embedded Systems technologies and has the following features: - Compliance with standard/next generation communication infrastructure and protocols that can meet some or all of the energy needs with wireless, low power consumption, energy harvesting technique - Fault-tolerant, self-calibrating, connecting endpoint devices with various sensors and sensors to the server, displaying smart behaviors against adverse situations (when communication is lost with the relevant device and/or platform), capable of data recording, working in industrial conditions, providing, monitoring, controlling applications, - Mobility can be provided, can work in real / near real time, has preventive features against data loss and high data security, is compatible with the Internet of things, - Resistant to data errors, corruptions and losses, fast data transfer compatible with the cloud, can be directly connected to the cloud, can be adapted to environmental conditions, real/near real-time hardware and software will be developed. - The infrastructure created by the realization of the project will enable the development of applications that are not within the scope of the project.

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